Too many times we often are the most self defeating people in our lives. We beat up ourselves for all the mistakes we make, we constantly repeat what we did wrong and how we should have done things different.

Sit back for a minute and read Marc and Angels post on things we should never say to ourselves. You would be surprised how often a little perspective towards ourselves actually gets you a long ways.

I am not sure about everyone else but COUNTLESS times a day I am knee deep in some research or coding or graphics or just plain rabbit hole internet searching. I then get called to something that is “more important”, as if that is ever really the case, and have to leave.

This little app right here I ran across is pretty slick, not only does it save all the sites and pages you have open at that point it also saves where you were in any APP you have open.

Going to put some work into this in the next few days, see if it lives up too its name. A few days at the office will be more than enough to figure out how well this works.

Another of the All Knowing, and All Seeing Amazement that is Nom Nom Paleo! This is by far one of my favorite meals to cook, flavors are deep, rich and just right for a good paleo dinner!


I recently bought Slow Cooker Revolution from the editors at America’s Test Kitchen and I keep it on my nightstand so I can peruse it for tips and good recipes before going to bed. I’ve bookmarked a bunch of recipes I want to try but the one I was most excited about was Korean-style spare ribs.


HUGE fan of Parse when it comes to BAAS and mobility management. I have two favorites in this area Parse and Appcelerator, and seeing as Appcelerator just bought out hope to see some amazing things here soon.

Parse stands out because of its community and its constant growth of features, now with being owned by Facebook as of earlier this year it seems we may have a good battle going on.

Take a look at the Dev Day Videos, see what you get out of this as I see some great things coming.